Alpaca is a South American Camel that lives 5500 meters (18044 feet) as see level on Peruvian Andes Where temperatures can be from -11C to +18C (-13F to +64F). Since Inca time, the Andean Habitants cut the Finest hair of the Alpacas to protect from the extremely cold. Nowadays, This technique is still using to made wonderful garments as RAFFA has.


Alpaca yarn is considered like cashmere because its softness and his thermal features. It is very resistible because the long h­air of the animal and it is very fine like cashmere yarns. 90% of the Alpacas Populations comes from Peru.

Pima Cotton

Pima Cotton is silky soft feel and brilliant lustre will show you why Peruvian pima is classified among the world’s natural luxury fibres. Not all pima cottons are created equal either. Peruvian pima’s silky lustre and buttery soft feel result from the ideal growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys where it is cultivated. There the rich soils soak up just the right amount of moisture at a perfect equatorial temperature.


The harvesting of Peruvian pima cotton is done by hand. Industrial harvesting leaves in scratchy impurities, which affect smoothness and create a yellowish fibre. The careful hand selection of pima cotton results in a brilliant white shade which takes beautifully to dyes. With fabrics, the longer the fibre, the softer and smoother the hand.

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